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As a licensed marriage and family therapist for nearly two decades, it's been my privilege to devote my professional life to helping families reach their full potential. In 1997, I added neurofeedback to my practice as an adjunct to traditional talk therapy. I look forward to helping you, as I have many of my clients, in using this highly effective method of therapy.

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Helping Your Family Cope

"Our lives are so much better. Thank you for giving us a new lease on life!" Irvine Parent

A diagnosis of ADD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Sensory Integration Issues, Visual Processing Disorder, or learning difficulties in general, is a challenge for any family.
Find out if your child has symptoms correlated with ADD/ADHD... complete this Checklist.
There are certain inherent stressors that accompany the disorders above. If you're finding that your child's difficulties are causing negative patterns and family stress that's spiraling downhill, there is hope.
As a licensed marriage and family therapist I can help you better cope with the behavioral and emotional challenges that you may be experiencing.

"Trips to the principal's office were almost a daily routine before we started this training. My daughter sand I have now started this training for better focus and we're seeing RESULTS too"
Huntington Beach Parent

Helping Your Family Cope
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